coxsbazars Rohingya and host communities held sharing meetings on gender violence

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A meeting was organized to discuss the findings of the research conducted by Research Initiatives, Bangladesh to address gender based violence in the host communities and the Rohingya. Meeting were organized to discuss how to address gender violence in the host communities and among the Rohingya. Last Thursday, November 3, a sharing meeting was held at the Hotel Beachway Hallroom in Cox’s Bazar to discuss the findings of the study carried out by Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB) and Sushilan to address gender violence in Rohingya and host communities and to put those findings into practice (Early Warning). Dr. Meghna Guthakurta, the executive director of RIB, presented the findings of the research.

Following the presentation, the attendees at the sharing meeting who were representing national and international groups working on gender issues in Cox’s Bazar shared their opinions. Researchers and development professionals in attendance at the event emphasized the significance of adopting public and private action to address gender discrimination in the cases of both Bangladeshis and Rohingya.The will to create a development strategy that would truly advance gender equality was also demonstrated in the years that followed. The discussion of the results and experience of a participatory action research project, carried out by Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB), to contextualize and combat hate speech through transformative processes among underprivileged youth, followed the discussion of the exchange. Director of RIB Suraiya Begum presided over the meeting.
The present scholars and development professionals gave their comments after presenting the outcomes of the Participatory Action Research (PAR). They emphasized the significance of ending discriminatory conduct toward Bangladesh’s diverse population at this point. Rakhine and Buddhist scholars emphasised the significance of development planning in order to boost awareness-raising efforts at the same time to end the hate speech in the society. There were also representatives from the youth society, civil society, and journalists working with the host communities in Cox’s Bazar and the Rohingya.

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